Tortilla Blankets

Wrap yourself in whimsy and warmth with our tortilla blankets. Enjoy the cozy comfort of these fun and soft blankets that add a dash of humor to your daily life. Perfect for snuggling, picnics, or unique gifting. Experience the joy of burrito blankets today!

wrap yourself with the tortilla blankets

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Showing all 2 results

Our tortilla blankets are ultra-soft. They are round and printed on both sides and have different diameters, 60 inches or 70 inches, You can choose the size you like. You can actually wrap yourself up like a burrito and take a nap, that will be the favorite thing on the list. The taco blanket comes in a nice package, and you also get a nice-looking plastic bag for this throw blanket.

What are tortilla blankets or taco blankets?

tortilla blankets on the bed
tortilla blankets on the bed

The design of this blanket is like a tortilla or burrito, and they have the same design on both sides.

What is the taco blanket made of?

The taco blanket is made out of 100 percent high-quality flannel. If you have a baby or a child, this taco blanket is great. You can also give this as a gift to a friend or a family member. It’s something that you can actually use for your pet as a throw blanket on their bed as well. It has a nice, beautiful circle design.

How big is the small tortilla blanket?

You can choose a baby burrito blanket in our store. The size of the small tortilla blankets is 47 inches. You can buy this for newborn babies and give them something nice and comfortable. It would be also nice to see them wrapped in this with the wife holding the baby.

How to wash burrito blankets?

Our burrito blankets are very durable and lightweight. They are machine washable. But please wash them in cold water and tumble dry them on low only.

Are tortilla blankets worth it?

Are burrito blankets worth it? You can definitely feel how soft the material is. It does feel pretty warm. When you feel the overall weight of the taco blanket, it does feel pretty lightweight. For the tortilla blankets, I have to say that it is pretty worth it, especially if you need a high-quality scroll blanket with a similar design to this, which is basically a tortilla or burrito design. It’s definitely worth it.

Size Of Burrito Blankets

In terms of the size, we do have this available in a bigger or smaller size, so depending on how big or small you need, that’s up to you. But if you end up getting the 71-inch or 80-inch tortilla blanket, it’s definitely big enough for two people to share together.

How to use tortilla blankets?

Once you fully open up the taco blanket, you can see how it provides pretty good coverage from top to bottom. When you actually use it, it feels quite warm, soft, and comfy. Whether you want to use the tortilla blankets while walking around or on your sofa or bed, you can use them how you want to. In terms of vibrancy when you use a taco blanket, it does provide good coverage from your shoulders down to your legs. It’s suitable for your sofa, couch, or even your bed, covering everything from top to bottom.

When did the tortilla blanket come out?

The tortilla blanket gained its initial surge of popularity in April 2019 when a Reddit user shared an image of it. The ensuing excitement was incredibly intense. Fortunately, the tortilla blanket can now be purchased online in various colors and sizes, ranging from 47 to 80 inches, making it suitable for both children and adults to enjoy the experience of becoming a human burrito.

How to wrap a burrito blanket?

Tortilla blankets, also called burrito blankets or taco blanket, are useful in every department. To wrap a burrito blanket, we will fold it into a burrito. Begin with it flat on the ground. Pinch about a foot from the edge close to you and fold it under the blanket. Now, fold the blanket into thirds. Move to the other side of the blanket, roll the blanket up to the pocket you made, pick it up, tuck one end into the pocket (be careful not to unravel it), flip it over, and tuck in the other side. Now you have a compact and secure way of storing the blanket.

You can do it this way, too:

    • lay it out flat

    • fold to 1/3 its size

    • fold the top over itself

    • fold again

    • roll blanket tightly

    • tuck the folded side over the roll

How to wrap yourself in a blanket like a burrito?

    • Orient the blanket so you’re lying across the diagonal.

    • Pull the bottom corner over your feet.

    • Then wrap the sides around yourself, being sure to tuck any excess blanket underneath you.

    • If your blanket’s large enough, you can use the top corner as a hood.