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funny tortilla blanket

Super Soft and Fun Tortilla Blanket

This funny blanket will make you hungry!

Roll yourself up: it’s cony and soft!
Be a burrito! LoL Pick your burrito blanket today

Amazing Quality Tortilla Blanket

This is a soft flannel fabric with a realistic burrito pattern that uses eco-friendly dyes to provide fade-resistant technology. The warm fleece material is great to cozy up in on cool nights. This tortilla blanket is breathable, and you can use a machine to wash it if you want to. Once you finish washing it, you can throw it in the machine to dry.

kids like tortilla blanket

Tortilla Blanket is So Fun

Roll up and get cozy in our burrito blanket. With this giant, double-sided tortilla blanket, you will quite literally become a burrito as you roll up into its comfy, soft material. Your kids love this blanket; they can’t wait to wrap themselves up in it. Your pets also love to cuddle us in it as well. The tortilla blanket can bring happiness and humor to the whole family and it’s a lovely gift for teen boys and girls.

Great for All Seasons

This super-soft, lightweight tortilla blanket is great for all seasons, bringing you warmth and comfort. It can be used as a sofa blanket, a travel blanket, a camping blanket, or a bed blanket.

burrito blanket are great for all seasons
burrito blanket for baby

The Perfect Funny But Useful Gift

This burrito blanket is the perfect funny but useful gift for friends and family. The lightweight design is great for use at home or on the go. It’s great for kids, college students, family, and anyone else you love. Anyone who has one will turn into a magical burrito. It will bring happiness and humor to you or anyone you give it to.

Roll yourself into this tortilla blanket to look like a giant burrito or drape it across you for a warm and comforting feel. You can wear it around you or even spread it out to see its beautiful and funny tortilla design.

What Our Customers Say About Tortilla Blanket

Super cozy and soft and fun! You can bring it everywhere. It’s a perfect-sized tortilla blanket to wrap up any of your favorite humans (large or small) like a burrito:) They will 100% become your comfort blankets.

It is so soft and comfy that even your pets will love this blanket too. This tortilla blanket brings happiness to people. So, have some fun while cozying up in this burrito blanket.

If you’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to be a burrito, all you need to do is wrap yourself up and enjoy. The fabric of this tortilla blanket is extremely soft and fluffy, and honestly, it feels even better than a real tortilla would.

My burrito blanket came FAST! I love that it’s printed on both sides. It’s the perfect size to wrap up in. So so soft! My new favorite couch blanket!

What is a tortilla blanket?

Tortilla blanket is an ultra-soft, ultra-roomy, and stylish blanket. So stinking cool. It looks like a wrapped-up tortilla. It even has the little parts that get more brown. And on this side, it’s the same thing. How funny is that? So, if you know someone who loves stuff like this, I think it’s a really good gift idea.

burrito blanket is soft
burrito blanket is soft

What is a tortilla blanket made of?

The tortilla blanket is made of comfortable flannel fabric, most definitely good quality and super cute, double-sided, and very, very soft – probably one of the softest blankets you own.

a mother and daughter is playing on the taco blanket

Why People Love Tortilla Blanket?

The burrito wrap blanket has double-sided printing, which means you’ll look like a tasty burrito no matter which way you wrap yourself up. On top of all that, the tortilla blanket also comes with a beautiful shoulder bag, which you can use to store your blanket or carry it around. It also makes this the perfect choice for a holiday or birthday gift.

Now, you can be a burrito on the couch, in your bed, on the floor, or even in the shower. Just make sure you don’t look at yourself in the mirror, or else you might be too tempted to eat yourself up.

All in all, if you’re looking for a blanket that looks like a tortilla, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this burrito blanket.

Soft And Warm Tortilla Blanket

My daughter loves soft, cozy blankies, and almost every other Christmas, I get her a new one. I saw this tortilla blanket and had to order it. Today she stopped by and showed me something on Facebook. She also showed me how she posted this tortilla blanket and wrote, We want this for Christmas. A year ago, I had just received it, put it away, but not wrapped it, so I told her I was going to give her one of her gifts early. It was really funny, and she loved it. I told her she better mention it on Facebook, or Sheila’s going to end up with a dozen.

Very Soft And Funny Tortilla Blanket

I got this burrito blanket as a gift for an 11-year-old friend of the family. I am extremely happy with my choice. I scoured reviews and different options. I picked the yellow, a 71-inch blanket. It is double-sided. The ends were sewn very nicely, not like some of the other tortilla blankets. Very nice quality. It is lightweight but not cheap, very nice and foldable. The pattern looks just like a burrito. The recipient loves spicy things in Chipotle, so we bought her all spicy-themed items wrapped in tin foil and printed the label for presentation. She loved this.

My thirteen-year-old daughter loved it, and I do too. We all want one now. I just wish we had more time to play with it before handing it off. I definitely recommend a tortilla blanket from this store. It’s huge. Definitely big enough for an adult, and the 60-er probably would have been good enough as well.

Good Quality Burrito Blanket

I am 6’1, about 165 pounds, so size 32 waist. This tortilla blanket would be just enough to make yourself look like a burrito sitting there on the beach. My first impression of the tortilla blanket, actually, is that it’s very, very soft. I’ve actually shown this to quite a few people here at the pool and here in my hometown right behind me, and their first impressions were, Wow, that’s so soft, that’s amazing.

It is perfectly round. I would call this more like a small wrap that you would probably wrap yourself up in as you’re celebrating the Fourth of July, sitting there in a lawn chair looking up at the fireworks. This would be absolutely perfect. This burrito blanket is soft, it’s warm, and it’s relatively well-priced here. So, hopefully, this is helpful in determining whether or not this tortilla blanket towel is right for you.

Super Soft Tortilla Blanket

This is the tortilla blanket. I did notice that they have several different kinds on there as well, like waffles or pizzas, and they’re just so funny. I will tell you when guests come over and wrap up in them; it’s just a huge comedy show, and everyone comments, Oh my gosh, you’re like a little burrito.

So, you can definitely see that on this side is the more, I guess plush-looking side. Definitely the front of it, and it has the little burnt tortilla marks all the way through. It’s thicker than the cheaper blankets that you get, but it’s not overly thick, so it’s a good blanket.

On the other side, it still shows bits of the burnt part like you would see in a tortilla, but it is definitely the backside of the two. And it’s round, which is so fun. It’s kind of a pain to fold, but it’s still just so funny when you actually see it.

I’ve washed the burrito blanket several times, and it has held up with no pieces coming off. You can wash it with other blankets that are of that same fabric. Wonderful blanket and super fun, and it’s a great gift.

Very Soft And Funny

This is my go-to blanket when you have to just lay down after and long day at work, just simply lounging and there is a little bit of chill in the air, ironically all you want to do is be wrapped since the material is really soft for the price point that its in. It arrives fairly quickly sometimes even next day speed, overall the tortilla blanket is a great gift either to yourself or to a loved one. I had ordered a smaller tortilla blanket last year that was double-sided and super soft. I was really happy and only wished it was bigger. So I ordered a bigger one, it’s still soft and cozy. Can’t buy enough of these tortilla blankets.

Tortilla Blanket or Burrito Blanket FAQs

a boy play on the tortilla blanket

What is a burrito blanket?

A burrito blanket is a blanket that is printed with a realistic burrito pattern. You can snuggle up alone or share it with friends and family, especially if you know someone who likes tortillas. You can take it on a picnic, and you can even wrap your pet with it. It's a great way to keep comfortable and warm while relaxing and working.

How do you care for a tortilla blanket?

The tortilla blanket is machine washable with tumble or air dry, and it won't wrinkle or fade.

Where can I buy a tortilla blanket?

You can buy a tortilla blanket at our store. Our tortilla blanket is so soft. It will be the softest blanket you own, with no shedding. Perfect size to bundle up in. Great quality for the price.

How much is a tortilla blanket?

The price of tortilla blankets varies in quality, but in our store, you can buy a good quality blanket for under $40.

Where can I buy a burrito blanket?

Why not buy a burrito blanket at our store? Soft and comfy, absolutely the best and cutest blanket ever, everyone loves our burrito blankets.

How much does a burrito blanket cost?

The cost of burrito blankets may fluctuate based on their quality, but at our store, you can acquire a high-quality blanket for less than $40. You will love the quality, it's perfect.

How to wash a burrito blanket?

You can wash the burrito blanket in the washing machine. It is soft, easily washable, and does not shed whatsoever.

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